About me

Hi, I’m Robert Harwood. I’m a self taught home baker, I work for a real estate software company in Perth Western Australia.  I bake cakes for fun and family, but don’t generally sell cakes mostly because I don’t have as much time to bake as I would like, so when I do bake I try to make it as interesting for myself as possible.

My passion is learning and teaching new techniques and testing and developing recipes. I specialise in novelty cakes and working with modelling chocolate on wire armatures. I’m time poor and pretty frugal… so I love to do things from scratch, and to find ways to do things faster, easier and at a lower cost, while maintaining a professional finish.

I studied Biomedical science Applied chemistry at uni so I take a pretty methodical approach to testing and creating recipes. I’m especially proud of my homemade fondant recipe; being able to make fondant my self means that if I need to cover a cake I can make as much fondant as I need from scratch in under 10 minutes, so I’m never caught short on the weekends or late at night if I’m working on a project. 

My favourite medium to work with is homemade modelling chocolate. I’ll add several tutorials to the site when I get time.

Although I’m not a professional, my methodical approach and problem solving means I’ve got enough tried and tested knowledge to be able to share.
I’ve done demonstrations for BakeBoss, The Cake Decorators Association of WA, very briefly appeared in the top 40 on Masterchef 2016 and I’ll be ran a modelling chocolate sculpting workshop at the 19th Australian National Cake Decorators Seminar in August of 2017.

Get in touch with me via my Facebook page if you’d like me to do a demo or workshop for your local cake decorating club. 

My Demos/workshops:

Making Macarons
Making Homemade fondant
Making Homemade modelling chocolate
Homemade flower paste (Mexican paste)
How to work with and sculpt modelling chocolate
How to sculpt a human figure in chocolate without moulds
How to sculpt a face in modelling chocolate without moulds
How to make super detailed sugar roses.
How to make large, detailed modelling chocolate roses in under 5 minutes.
All edible sculpted modern Dolly Varden cake chocolate or fondant
Use Tappits or ClickStix to make banners in modelling chocolate or fondant.