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Goulash Recipe With a Twist

Easy Traditional Goulash – With a modern twist This is my easy take on Hungarian goulash, based on the one my Aunt used to make. It is easy to prepare, delicious and it will easily feed six people. This meal can be prepared in a slow cooker in the morning before work so it will …

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Chicken Fajitas with flour Tortilla Recipe

Chicken Fajitas I cobbled together this recipe based on a dish I had in a good Mexican restaurant. It’s even better with homemade flour tortillas, the flour tortilla recipe is included below. Makes about 8-12 small tortillas and will easily serve 3 to 4 people. Ingredients 3 chicken thigh fillets, or 2 smallish breast fillets, diced Half …

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Simple, Delicious Chicken Pate

My Fast Chicken Liver Pate Recipe Pate is one of my favourite treats, fortunately it is also ridiculously cheap and easy to make. This is my own recipe for pate, it has been cobbled together from trial and error, and a love of good pate. The recipe is very forgiving and allows for a lot of substitution …

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Macaron Recipe and Tips for Perfect Macarons

Macarons are still incredibly popular, they’re great with a cup of tea or a strong coffee, make an excellent cake decoration and can themselves be the centre of attention. Best of all, they can be made ahead of time and are one of the few foods that gets better after being frozen or left in …

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Lace Mat Chocolate Mousse Cake

Lace mats have become more and more popular with cake decorators but they are a unitasker. Most of us might use them a few times a year to make edible lace, but that’s it. Kevin from Bake boss made a great video showing how to use them to create decorative patterned jaconde sponge layers. The …

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Orange Dark Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

This is a variation of the Australian Women’s Weekly mud cake recipe. 675g Dark eating chocolate – chopped, 400g unsalted butter 2 tablespoons of very finely zested orange zest, (at least 3 or 4 big oranges). 390 ml freshly squeezed orange juice 1 tablespoon of natural vanilla extract. 275g brown sugar 260g plain flour 75g self-raising …

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Mexican Paste – Sugar Paste – Flower paste

Mexican paste is great for making fine flower petals. If you mix it with fondant it creates a great paste for sculpting figures. This is my favourite paste for making sugar flowers, it is fast to make, cheap, super reliable and lets me roll paper thin petals for flowers. Ingredients: 3 teaspoons CMC or Tylose powder …

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Modelling Chocolate Recipe

Modelling chocolate. 

I have tried a few different modelling chocolate recipes, so far the best I have found is a simple ratio of corn syrup to white compound chocolate. 

The basic recipe I use is a ratio of 4.5:1  by weight of white chocolate to light corn syrup.

Weigh the chocolate out in grams, then divide the weight by 4.5 and weigh out that amount of corn syrup. For this recipe measure all the weights in grams, it’s a lot more accurate and generally easier.

Modelling Paste Recipe (Pastillage)

The pastillage recipe after the photos is extremely simple and cheap to make. I’ve found it fairly easy and pretty reliable. The recipe is essentially an old fashioned version of pastillage. I have been using this recipe for years to create everything from sugar paste flowers to simple figurines. Best of all it is gluten free and has just three ingredients and water, all of which you can get at nearly any supermarket. This is perfect for structural pieces like the soles and heels of sugar shoes, wired centres for sugar flowers or very thin structural decorations. 

Homemade Roll out Fondant Icing Recipe

The fondant created with this recipe is soft and pliable, with just the right amount of stretch, it is perfect for sealing and decorating cakes. The fondant will store for a couple of weeks in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer.  I also use it for coarsely modelled flowers and to model figures. …

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