I work for a real estate software company in Perth, Western Australia.  I bake cakes for fun and family, I don’t generally sell cakes, I am not a business and don’t have time to take orders, but feel free to ask, I may be able to help out or refer you to someone good.
My main focus and my passion is learning and teaching cake decorating techniques. I don’t ever want to be a full-time baker, but I love helping others to find ways to do things faster, cheaper and better, and love learning and passing on new skills.

Feel free to ask me anything or make suggestions.

Check out my latest work on my facebook page, Follow me on instagram or email me – [email protected]

Ask via my facebook page if you’d like me to deliver a demo for a local cake club.

I recommend joining a club like the Australian National Cake Decorators Association.  The ANCDA is a great grassroots not for profit national club for cake decorators of all levels to come together and share new and old techniques and generally improve the standard of cake decorating at all levels. Local branch meetings are a great way to learn new skills and meet other cake decorators, learn about cake competitions.

Robert Harwood