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Caramel Mudcake with Caramel Ganache

Caramel mud cake recipe and stable salted caramel ganache recipe.
Delicious and reliable recipe

Modelling Chocolate Unicorn Cake Topper Tutorial

Modelling Chocolate Unicorn cake topper tutorial. This is a simple but effective cake topper that can be made quickly with very basic tools. Step by step photos below  Download the Workshop PDF- click here: Unicorn workshopTemplate PDF: Template Here’s the whole process from start to finish to make it easy to follow along  

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Decorated Cookies Recipe and Tutorial

No Chill No Spread Sugar Cookie Recipe and Decorating Tutorial
Decorated biscuits look great as an accompaniment to a cake, but they can also be incorporated into the final design of the cake or better yet, used as a cake topper, or as the base for a name or greeting plaque, or to create structural elements as part of the overall design.

Modelling Chocolate Micro Flower Tutorial

Micro modelling chocolate flowers Micro flowers are a handy additional decorating skill to have. They are great to use as an accent on a name plaque, or in a small cluster on decorated cakes and cupcakes, they are also an easy way to add more detail to chocolate and sugar sculptures. All the flowers shown …

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Royal Icing

Royal icing is incredibly versatile, easy to make, and can be adapted to use in several different ways by varying the amount of water or eggwhite added to it. There are lots of ways to make royal icing, I prefer one below, it uses powdered egg white which I find convenient and reliable. The best …

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TARDIS Cake, and Construction Photos

I made one of these a while ago but it was good to revisit and update a cake theme I  have made before and to be able to bring a few more skills and get the dimensions right. The TARDIS is Homemade fondant on an “orange velvet” cake filled and covered in dark chocolate orange ganache. The board is covered in white fondant …

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Ghostbusters cake 

This is a Ghostbusters cake I made for my best mate’s birthday. Slimer and the Staypuft marshmallow man were made with homemade modelling chocolate and Rice Krispy treats, Kellogs LCMs. The cake is layered dense vanilla cake,  filled with Italian meringue buttercream, sour cream white chocolate ganache, and morello cherries. The outside is decorated in basic crusting buttercream then frozen 5 minutes and stenciled with a darker …

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Red velvet cake with sour cream white chocolate ganache recipe.

Red velvet cake with sour cream white chocolate ganache recipe. This is the recipe for my favourite cake flavour combination. It’s one of the cheaper cakes to make, the cake and filling combo is incredibly delicious and the ganache and cake recipes are versatile recipes I use in a lot of different combinations. It’s a …

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Modelling Chocolate Recipe

Modelling chocolate recipe and tips.
How to make modeling chocolate and how to work with modelling chocolate. I have tried a few different modelling chocolate recipes, so far the best I have found is a simple ratio of corn syrup or glucose to white compound chocolate. I use this recipe for everything from figures to flowers

Lace Mat Chocolate Mousse Cake

Lace mats have become more and more popular with cake decorators but they are a unitasker. Most of us might use them a few times a year to make edible lace, but that’s it. Kevin from Bake boss made a great video showing how to use them to create decorative patterned jaconde sponge layers. The …

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