Sweet and savoury recipes, cake decorating tips and tutorials, and general food nerd fun.

Hi!  I’m Robert Harwood, I’m a hobby baker from Perth Western Australia. My passion is developing recipes and finding ways to make things from scratch to do things better where possible and to save money and time. I made this website as a way to keep track of my experiments and recipes, and as an added bonus it might even be helpful to other hobby bakers and home cooks and professionals.

Most of my bakes are late night experiments for close friends and family, but I constantly research, tinker, test and refine my recipes and techniques.

I do a lot of cake decorating and cooking demos and workshops, especially for local cake clubs and love writing tutorials and recipes for various sites and publications.

Please get in contact if you would like to inquire about booking me for a workshop or demo or would like to publish from this site.

Have a look around, There’s a few really good recipes with a massive amount more to come under the recipes page along with several new articles and tutorials as well


I experimented a lot to get a modelling chocolate recipe that performs well for me, is cheap to make and can be consistently and quickly made in large quantities to use on the same day.

​​The fondant created with this recipe is soft and pliable, with just the right amount of stretch, it is perfect for sealing and decorating cakes. It’s fast and very cheap to make with no heating or cooking and simple ingredients.

​Mexican paste is great for making fine flower petals. This is my favourite paste for making sugar flowers, it has a generous drying time, dries hard and is humidity resistant once dry. It’s fast to make, cheap, super reliable and lets me roll paper thin petals for flowers.

​I love making macarons. I have tried several different recipes and methods, this is my recipe and the tips I have picked up through a lot of research and testing.

Unicorn Cake Topper Workshops at the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair

I’m running 1 hour workshops at 3pm everyday from Wednesday 23rd of May to Sunday 27th of May at the Perth Craft and quilt fair at the Perth Convention Centre.  Make and take home your own chocolate unicorn cake topper and in the process learn how to work with modelling chocolate. Book at the Cake Decorators’ …

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Macaron Recipe and Tips for Perfect Macarons

Macarons are still incredibly popular, they’re great with a cup of tea or a strong coffee, make an excellent cake decoration and can themselves be the centre of attention. Best of all, they can be made ahead of time and are one of the few foods that gets better after being frozen or left in …

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TARDIS Cake, and Construction Photos

I made one of these a while ago but it was good to revisit and update a cake theme I  have made before and to be able to bring a few more skills and get the dimensions right. The TARDIS is Homemade fondant on an “orange velvet” cake filled and covered in dark chocolate orange ganache. The board is covered in white fondant …

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Ghostbusters cake 

This is a Ghostbusters cake I made for my best mate’s birthday. Slimer and the Staypuft marshmallow man were made with homemade modelling chocolate and Rice Krispy treats, Kellogs LCMs. The cake is layered dense vanilla cake,  filled with Italian meringue buttercream, sour cream white chocolate ganache, and morello cherries. The outside is decorated in basic crusting buttercream then frozen 5 minutes and stenciled with a darker …

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Red velvet cake with sour cream white chocolate ganache recipe.

Red velvet cake with sour cream white chocolate ganache recipe. This is the recipe for my favourite cake flavour combination. It’s one of the cheaper cakes to make, the cake and filling combo is incredibly delicious and the ganache and cake recipes are versatile recipes I use in a lot of different combinations. It’s a …

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Review of Ready Made Fondants and Modelling Pastes I Tried Recently

I’m generally not a fan of shop bought ready-to-roll fondant and modelling paste. They usually taste unpleasant or behave in unpredictable ways or take too long to get used to using. I almost always make my own fondant because, for me, there is nothing more important than flavour. This habit has been handy as being …

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Modelling Chocolate Recipe

Modelling chocolate recipe and tips.
How to make modeling chocolate and how to work with modelling chocolate. I have tried a few different modelling chocolate recipes, so far the best I have found is a simple ratio of corn syrup or glucose to white compound chocolate. I use this recipe for everything from figures to flowers

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Sour Cream White Chocolate Ganache

I love white chocolate ganache but I usually find it way too sweet. I found that using sour cream instead and adding some apple cider vinegar and salt gives an almost cheesecake-like flavour to my ganache and drops the sweetness out while boosting the flavour. This is by far my most favourite filling and has become a …

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Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Risotto

This is not my usual Risotto recipe, it’s made with what I had on hand in the fridge and the cupboard. It’s a fast enough, lazy “I’m not going to the shops today, no matter what” kind of throw together. It worked well and made enough to feed 4 hungry people, so I thought I’d record the …

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Fast-ish Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni

This is my fairly quick recipe for cannelloni. It’s delicious, not too fussy to make and I need to make this more often. The sauce is ultra fast, browning the onions brings out their natural sweetness and adds delicious savoury depth. Using a shallot adds a lot of extra flavour and a lot of natural sweetness. This is …

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Homemade Roll out Fondant Icing Recipe

The fondant created with this recipe is soft and pliable, with just the right amount of stretch, it is perfect for sealing and decorating cakes. The fondant will store for a couple of weeks in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer. I also use it for some modelled flowers and to model figures. For …

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Lace Mat Chocolate Mousse Cake

Lace mats have become more and more popular with cake decorators but they are a unitasker. Most of us might use them a few times a year to make edible lace, but that’s it. Kevin from Bake boss made a great video showing how to use them to create decorative patterned jaconde sponge layers. The …

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